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A Magical Christmas Light Display That Wonít Break The Bank

Posted by Amanda on 11/2/2016 to Christmas Lighting Tips

A Christmas light display is timeless and delights virtually everyone young and old. You may fondly remember family evening drives around the neighbourhood to find the best Christmas light displays. Unfortunately in recent years with the rising cost of living, this Christmas tradition has declined as people fear the impact on their electricity bills

The good news is that your Christmas spirit no longer needs to be dampened by worries of excessive energy consumption. Today we have LED technology that provides far more cost-effective options than traditional fairy lights that used incandescent bulbs. In fact, studies have shown that LED uses at least 85% less electricity than conventional light sources; slashing your energy costs in the process.

LED Christmas lights to brighten your home are limited only by your imagination, with a wide range of LED fairy lights, LED icicle lights, LED rope lights, LED motifs and more available to suit all your decorating needs. LED has proved longer-lasting than traditional lights, so once you find your favourites, you can look forward to enjoying them for longer and simply adding to your growing collection.

Additionally, if you want to minimise your costs and environmental impact further, you can now harness the power of solar with solar fairy lights! These lights for indoor and outdoor use come in a range of bright colours meaning your energy efficiency neednít sacrifice your Christmas vision. Best of all, you wonít need to worry about connecting to a mains power supply and battling troublesome cords. Of course youíll need to make sure these lights have plenty of time exposed to natural sunlight or a lamp light source to ensure they shine brightly at night, precisely when you need them.

With no excuse not to brighten your home, now itís just a matter of hanging them! Spare a thought for the effort involved for Canberra resident David Richards who smashed the Guinness World record last year for the most lights on a Christmas tree. He beat the previous record holder by hanging 518,838 lights on an outdoor Christmas tree! It was a mammoth undertaking that involved the help of electrical and civil engineers, architects, designers, and a host of passionate volunteers.

Perhaps your Christmas light project is not so ambitious! Whether youíre seeking a modest light display or looking to craft a Christmas wonderland worthy of drawing crowds from miles around, LED fairy lights or solar fairy lights will fit the bill, meet your budget and ensure the magic of Christmas is preserved.

Check out Christmas Completeís dazzling, affordable range of LED lights and solar lights that donít compromise on quality, and will ignite the festive spirit in all.

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