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Creative Christmas and Party Décor

Posted by Bryan on 12/15/2012 to Christmas Decor
Christmas and party décor doesn’t always mean spending a massive amount of money at high end stores to get the most beautiful decorations. There are very creative and unique ways to decorate your home without spending hardly any money at all.

Start by going to a craft store or shopping online. Craft and online stores generally sell basic décor that isn’t insanely expensive. Better yet, they sell items that can be spruced up with your own creativity. For décor, purchase a set of colorful Christmas ornaments (ranging for 8-12 bulbs) and place them in a clear vase. Throw in some holiday or colorful ribbon for a party and you’ve just created something festive for an extremely low price! Another great idea for Christmas and party décor is making your own confetti. Decorate your home in it by placing it on tables and other surfaces.

Another great way to make your home inviting for any celebration is by using plenty of garland. If bought plain, you can spruce up garland with tree ornaments and lights to turn any party into a warm and inviting environment. Decorative lights for Christmas and parties are also a great way to make any home beautiful and can be hung anywhere from outside on your porch to your living room.

Next is the matter of food. For any Christmas celebration or casual get together snacks are usually an essential for many people. This doesn’t mean you need to get a catering business to host your party. There are many yummy and festive foods that you can serve to your guests. Keep in mind that another great thing to do for celebrations is having each person bring a dish, so snacks and food are never an issue. Puppy chow is a great snack to serve at any get together. It’s simple, easy, and only takes about 5 minutes to make.

The last thing to remember with any festivity is party favors, which can also be used as décor for when your guests arrive. Wrap up several presents filled with Christmas ornaments or small decorations and give them out to your guests when the time comes for everyone to leave. Not only will this be a great way to bring everyone together, but it will also be a way of keeping the spirit of the party going!
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